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Nitze-Stagen fine-tunes plan for SLU offices

Nitze-Stagen hasn’t announced a start date or leasing brokers for the six-story project, which includes a renovation and addition.

Nitze-Stagen owns an old two-story industrial building at 760 Aloha St in South Lake Union. BuildingWork is designing a renovation and addition plan that will yield a six-story boutique office building with 41,500 square feet. A portion of the ground floor could end up as retail, possibly a cafe, on the corner of Eighth Avenue North.

Permits are still pending for the plan. Nitze-Stagen hasn't announced a start date for the project, which had one administrative design review last year. A second may yet be scheduled this year - but it would likely be a nonpublic administrative review owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

General contractor R. Miller will build the unnamed project, which may target LEED Silver certification. The team also includes GeoEngineers, the geotechnical engineer.

About half the sixth floor will be a landscaped east-facing terrace, overlooking Eighth. It'll total around 2,200 square feet. Solar panels may be added to the roof.

A prominent open staircase will by visible on the Aloha side of the building. No parking is required or included. A roll-in bike room will have 28 stalls.

The existing building, whose two-story base will be preserved, dates to the 1940s and 1950s. It was developed and initially occupied by Jarvie Paint Manufacturing Co., which in 1990 was acquired by Farwest Paint.

Nitze-Stagen bought the building last year for about $8.5 million. In recent years it had been used by an electronics business whose proprietor first sold the west chunk of land to Simpson Property Group, which developed the Neptune apartments at 912 Dexter Ave. N., and later the east corner on Aloha to Nitze-Stagen.

Article authored by Brian Miller and reposted on our blog from the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. Read the original here.


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