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At R|MILLER, our safety policy is designed to ensure a secure and healthy workplace for employees, subcontractors, tenants, and the general public. As an AGC-certified general contractor, the company maintains its high safety standard through accident prevention, communication, and safety training programs.

From management to field personnel, we hold every individual accountable for themselves and the people they oversee, and take initiative to ensure the safety and well-being of those around us.



R|MILLER enforces a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program at all of our project sites. The HSE program requires the active participation of all workers at a job site, be they R|MILLER employees or subcontractors. Implementation begins with the preparation of a site-specific HSE plan by the project team before we break ground. Each plan is based on the input of the project team, including our Director of Safety and safety professionals representing subcontractors, and addresses safety elements specific to our subcontractors' scope of work. Once the plan is developed, it applies to all site teams unless our subcontractors are able to supply a plan of comparable detail. As the project progresses, the HSE plan is reviewed and updated as needed.


Our construction team will develop a site logistics plan that prioritizes pedestrian and worker safety without compromising construction progress. This will detail hoisting needs, offloading areas, refuse handling, project access and haul routes, material storage and office locations. R|MILLER staff will evaluate how the public interacts with the project site, using spaghetti diagrams to identify peak trip times, pedestrian pathways and access points to the surrounding buildings. At the end of this effort, the plan will be prepared for review by ownership and design teams to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with our approach.

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