AGC's Culture of CARE Awareness Week inspired us to create our own initiative in order to provide extra support to our team during this challenging time. This initiative, called R|MILLER Cares, is our opportunity to continue shining a light on topics like diversity and inclusion, practice gratitude by getting involved in helping the community, and acknowledge that the happiness and well-being of our people is a key factor in our growth as an organization. Each month we will introduce a new theme and provide education and support around that theme. Whether you have arrived at this page because you are a member of our team or simply stumbled upon it by chance, we hope R|MILLER Cares resonates with you and that you will be able to make use of the resources and information below.

R|MILLER Cares focuses on:

C – community, connection, collaboration

A – awareness, authenticity, accountability 

R – respect, reflection, relationships

E – empathy, empowerment

S – safety, support, sensitivity


Our theme for August focuses on mental health and wellnessWhen people are happy and healthy, they are more creative, more productive, and more engaged. Unfortunately, COViD-19 and its myriad effects have negatively impacted Americans and their mental health, and thus the need for support during this time is even greater. This month, we will explore topics such as exercise, nutrition, and behavioral health, and encourage you to engage with R|MILLER Cares to improve your mental health and wellness during this time.



For the month of September, we are focusing on suicide prevention awareness. As members of an industry with a higher-than-average suicide rate, addressing this issue with our team and our wider cohort is critical. Data shows that the architecture, engineering and construction industry loses people to suicide at six times the national average. R|MILLER Inc has pledged to STAND up for suicide prevention, and we want to dedicate this month to sharing resources, ensuring we have the proper support systems in place, and providing additional training to our team.