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Introducing R|MILLER Cares

After participating in AGC's Culture of CARE Awareness Week last month, we were inspired to create our own initiative in order to provide extra support to our team during this challenging time. This initiative, called R|MILLER Cares, is our opportunity to continue shining a light on topics like diversity and inclusion, practice gratitude by getting involved in the community, and acknowledge that the happiness and well-being of our people is a key factor in our growth as an organization.

Through R|MILLER Cares, our goal is to foster a company culture that encourages: C - community, connection, collaboration A – awareness, authenticity, accountability  R – respect, reflection, relationships E – empathy, empowerment S – safety, support, sensitivity

Each month we will introduce a new R|MILLER Cares theme and provide education and support around that theme. This August, our focus is mental health and wellness; a crucially important discussion topic made even more urgent by the impact of COViD-19 on our communities and overall well-being. We will address both physical and mental health, and share tips, tools, and resources for and from our team members on our website and social media. For more information and updates, make sure to visit the R|MILLER Cares page on our website!


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