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The Shade Store

PEMCO Insurance enlisted the help of R|MILLER with the full-scale renovation of their 82,000-square-foot corporate offices on Dexter Avenue North. Constructed in 1980, the building had various design functionality and code issues that needed to be addressed. The interior was fully demolished along with all MEPF systems, making way for a new VRF mechanical system, electrical service and distribution, plumbing, fire protection, and life safety. Seismic upgrades brought the building into compliance, and the exterior cladding features a new steel skin that resolved water penetration issues and modernized the structure. The roof and decks were given new surface flashings and trims while the exterior planter system was structurally altered to halt ongoing maintenance issues for the landlord.

Budget: $9,500,000

Schedule: 15 months

Architect: Burgess Design

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