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Project Superintendent


The Project Superintendent is responsible for the direct supervision and coordination of activities involved in the construction process. In this role, you will be responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing means and methods of construction, determining the sequence of activities, coordinating subcontractors, managing personnel and material resources, adhering to budgets, promoting and administering good safety practices, and ensuring high quality execution and timely project completion.



  • Participate in preconstruction planning regarding project schedules, budgets and strategy

  • Perform in-depth reviews of plans and contract documents

  • Assure compliance with building codes

  • Draft and implement project master schedule

  • Plan means and methods of construction

  • Coordinate subcontractors and suppliers

  • Implement, manage and enforce site specific safety


  • Direct day-to day operations and subcontractors onsite through all phases of construction

  • Inspect work in progress to ensure quality of workmanship, conformance to contract, and adherence to schedule

  • Schedule and coordinate with subcontractors, consultants, and vendors to ensure timely completion of projects.

  • Perform quality control duties and responsibilities regarding the work being performed.

  • Ensure that subcontractors are fully executing and complying with contracted scope of work.

  • Coordinate required inspections with local jurisdictions.

  • Identify and take corrective action if necessary relating to subcontractor non-compliance with safety, health and environmental quality standards.

  • Identify and resolve conflicts in jobsite progress and communicate them to the Project Manager.

  • Maintain daily log of activities related to all managed jobsites

  • Manage multiple job sites.

  • Confirms subcontractor has completed and corrected any deficiencies identified prior to signoff of work

  • Ensure that the job site is always kept in a clean and organized manner.

  • Perform job progress weekly reports and completion punch list.

  • Manage project budgets and self-perform work

  • Anticipate and nullify potential problems; identify and solve problems

  • Verify shop drawings with site measurements; determine layouts

  • Administer a safety program that provides for a safe work environment; enforce compliance

  • Lead through example in areas of safety and compliance; foster a culture that expects participation at all levels

Record Keeping

  • Complete field reports daily

  • Revise short interval schedules weekly

  • Maintain as-builts on site

  • Set up and maintain project files

  • Complete safety meeting minutes and inspection checklist weekly

  • Complete and update safety plans as needed, e.g. fall protection, forklift operation

  • Take project progress photos weekly

  • Code and approve timecards weekly

  • Code and approve material purchase receipts and packing slips as needed

  • Ensure subcontractors’ permits and safety records are in compliance

  • Accurately complete and turn in paperwork to the office on a timely basis


  • The Project Superintendent is a Safety Officer:  Have a working understanding of the Safety and Health Program and the Hazard Program

  • Foster and maintain positive relationships with clients, architects, subcontractors, suppliers, city officials and personnel


  • Treats others with dignity and respect

  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration

  • Communicates with others directly, honestly, and promptly

  • Has the ability to give and receive constructive feedback

  • Makes themselves available as a resource for others

  • Takes responsibility for their professional growth and others'

  • Inspires team members to uphold the company’s values and goals


  • At least 5 years of hands-on construction experience

  • Thorough knowledge of construction methods, materials, tools and equipment

  • Knowledge of principles and practices in organizational planning, coordination and execution

  • Ability to manage work crews and subcontractors

  • Must maintain a working understanding of our Safety and Health and Hazard Programs

  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Project

This job description is provided as a guideline for prospective employees, current employees, and employer.  It should not be construed as a full and complete description of all duties or as a contract of employment. These guidelines may change with time, and the company maintains the right to make changes at any time with or without notice.

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